Folksy Christmas Market

December 5th & 6th sees my last online fair of the year, and what a strange year it’s been. Every maker, artist and designer who would normally make most of their income at seasonal fairs and markets has had to adapt to selling their work online rather than face to face. And it’s been a very steep learning curve for everyone involved, including the organisers of these ‘virtual’ events! There has definitely been much more work involved in preparing for an online market; with an actual market all you have to do is make the work and turn up! The virtual world requires photographs, videos, even audio recordings! Which all takes time. And then of course you spend hours packaging orders followed by repeated trips to the post office (I’m not complaining, honest)! I’m just looking forward to a time when we can all gather together, chat to customers (and other makers) and have a bit of fun again.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the Folksy Christmas Market as it’s the first online fair I’ve done as Rudy and the Rowan Tree. I’ve had a sneek peek and there is so much incredible work on there it’s ridiculous! The standard and variety of art, craft, and design is truly phenomenal, and proves we are really punching above our weight in the UK when it comes to creating beautiful products. Find me in the ‘Art’ section and the ‘Scotland’ section!

Hope to see you’ll pop by this weekend!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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