Home is where the anchor drops

There’s definitely an unwelcome nip in the air today, and my proclamations of “I’ve got high hopes for some warm weather in October, last year we had some really hot days” seem a bit optimistic now! Still, it is only the 3rd…

To distract myself from the low temperatures and worryingly dark evening dog walks, I like to daydream about living by the sea (this is nothing new, it has to be said). I achieved the dream for about 8 months in 2009 (ok, that was living by an estuary but near enough). One day, I keep telling myself. In the meantime I’ll just have to be satisfied with making nautical-inspired items! Anchors away!



Into The Woods

Mad Miss Morag the Lakeland Terrier has come to stay for the day (which always puts my dog Rudy’s nose a tad out of joint); whilst they are both snoozing in between bouts of general insanity, I’m taking the opportunity to write my second blog post!

It’s a bright, but chilly, Monday morning, and I’m watching a robin and a lovely little wren fluttering about in the garden. It’s all feeling rather autumnal so it seems appropriate to bring your attention to the Just A Card Into The Woods Autumn Shopping Guide!


It’s a wonderful selection of art and craft on an autumnal theme featuring woodland-inspired items from 25 UK based independent makers, and features my Forest Diorama. Find out more about the Just A Card campaign for independent businesses here and have a read of their blog too – you’ll discover so many fantastic makers and get an insight into how they produce their lovely work.

Right, the Terrible Terrier Twosome are stirring – time to go!




A bit of background info

Hello there! This is Hooperhart’s first blog post so ‘bear’ with me!

This is my new home on that intersneckle thingy, and I’ll be using it to update you on what Sad Panda Printing is up to, including new work, events and general life stuff.

I started Sad Panda Printing in 2015, when I taught myself to screenprint (with the help of YouTube, of course!) intending to use it as a means of transferring my hand-drawn patterns onto paper, fabric and plywood. After a while of experimenting with different surfaces I began to concentrate on printing onto wood – it’s such a lovely surface to print on (although the amount of sanding I have to do is pretty nightmarish!). Over time the grain of the wood’s surface has become an integral part of the overall look of each piece I make, adding another dimension to the work.

I’ll focus on some of my working methods in upcoming posts, so if that’s the sort of thing that floats your boat then stay tuned (there will probably also be the occasional picture of my dog if that gives you an extra incentive)!

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