New Beginnings

We’re now halfway through June which means it’s been 6 months since I last wrote a blog entry!! Okay, it has been a busy 6 months with lots of life changes but still – 6 months!! So I thought I’d do a very quick one so it doesn’t look like I’ve abandoned it completely ūüôā

So we moved to country (and closer to the coast – yay!) 20190528_165315.jpg

This is a photo from one of our dog walking routes nearby our house. I would have definitely have described Rudy as a ‘townie’ but he’s getting used to the sheep, cows and lack of pavements. At first it was a big re-adjustment for both of us after a bit of a traumatic move full of doubt and regret (long story), but after a couple of weeks out here I realised just how stressed and tense I’d felt for the past five years, and how much more laid back about everything I am now. The idea was to simplify our lives and relax more and so far we’re on the right track (and it’s amazing how being near the water has a profoundly calming effect).


Thanks to the previous tenants’ hard work we have a really beautiful, fully-formed garden which makes glancing out of the window a very happy experience (oh, and I’ve just noticed the ‘cuckoo’s spit’ in this photo – it’s reminded me that I must go to and record my sightings just in case Xylella fastidiosa spreads to the UK).


Well, I told you this was going to be a quick entry! It’s time to feed then walk the dog, although it won’t be in weather this alas…I’ll be back soon, however, to fill you in on some new work I’ve been making and where I’ll be exhibiting and selling this summer. TTFN ūüôā


Long Hot Summer

Apparently here in the¬†British Isles¬†we’re experiencing the hottest summer on record since 1976. The day¬†they announced this on the radio I started reading¬†a new book¬†(randomly¬†purchased in¬†a library¬†sale) with the opening sentence: “It was 1976, and the hottest summer in living memory.” Weird, right? The book is ‘The Year of the Ladybird: A Ghost Story’¬†by Graham Joyce, and¬†it features a two day¬†plague¬†of ladybirds (usually a symbol of¬†good luck?). Reading it I realised that¬†I haven’t seen a single ladybird in the garden this year,¬†which is¬†cause for concern. And I have been spending¬†A¬†LOT of¬†time in the garden, mostly trying to keep the plants from dying of thirst…

On the days it’s¬†been too hot to go outside ( how often do we get to say that in Scotland?) I’ve been¬†getting on¬†with¬†making a¬†couple of new things in time for¬†my first craft market of¬†2018 (quite late on in the year I know, I’m such a slacker) which is¬†next month¬†in the lovely seaside village of¬†St Monans in the East Neuk of¬†Fife.

These wee wooden house brooches were actually inspired by all the pretty fishing villages of the East Neuk¬†with their coloured 18th century cottages and harbour buildings. It’s an area of the country¬†I love so I’m really looking forward to being up there for¬†the weekend.


I’ll also be taking these new wooden¬†flower stems with me – inspired of course by¬†all the lovely colours we have¬†in the garden at the moment. The flowers¬†in the garden¬†won’t last long though, so these are some you can enjoy all year round!

You can find a link to details of next month’s fair on¬†my ‘Shop’ page, along with links to my Etsy shops where you can¬†browse all¬†my available¬†work.

Here’s hoping the good weather continues (ok, maybe with the odd day of rain so I don’t have to keep getting the garden hose out) – I’m just enjoying the fact that I haven’t worn socks for 2 months.